Boiler & Appliance Cover

Need More?

We can cover up to a maximum of 10 properties all under one policy as standard on-line. However, we can cover more properties if required and we can also vary the terms of cover (subject to approval) - such as covering more or less kitchen appliances, and/or providing higher or lower cover limits if required.

Please contact us if you have more than 10 properties or would like something a little more bespoke.
* All prices are inclusive of IPT (Insurance Premium Tax)

Price per property when covering 9 or more properties with a £75 excess. Annual claim limit £1,500. Maximum of £500 per claim for boilers under 7 years old.  ‡‡ Cover up to £3,500 in overall value of kitchen appliances. £2,500 annual claim limit per property per annum. Maximum of £500 per claim for kitchen appliances under 5 years old. Maximum of one kitchen appliance type covered per property.